All Sansa Flights depart and arrive at the International Juan Santamaria Airport (Sansa is in a separate terminal at the end of the airport). Check-in time for flights is 45 minutes before departure time. The Sansa luggage allowance is a maximum of 27 pounds per passenger including carry on, excess luggage will be charge at $1 per pound and any extra luggage is subject to space (meaning that if the flight is very full Sansa has the right to send excess luggage down on a later flight). Sansa may refuse luggage on the basis of excessive volume or for safety reasons. Sansa can handle a maximum of two (6’9¨feet maximum length) surfboards per flight and they charge $10 each way per surfboard.

Bosque del Cabo will require a credit card to make reservations on Sansa at the moment we make the reservation, too. Be sure that you are sending the correct information about the names and age of the kids. Once the reservation is done we will send you a confirmation. We will use the credit card information to pay the Sansa tickets at the moment we make the reservation. Any change or adjustment to the reservation is better to do it before pay the reservation, later any change will be subject to an extra charge. We will send you flight confirmations once we get them.

Sansa Low Season Schedule (May 1, 2013-November 30, 2013)
Flights # Departs Arrives One Way Fare Frequency (Daily)
All prices are quoted in US Dollars
San Jose-Puerto Jiménez 1094 8:23AM 9:13AM $116 $226
Puerto Jimenez-San Jose 1095 9:23AM 10:19AM $116 $226
San Jose-Puerto Jiménez 1092 12:10PM 1:07PM $116 $226
Puerto Jimenez-San Jose 1093 1:17PM 2:20PM $116 $226

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